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on  [aliens]
Earth Had A Drive By
What about the monument built on mars moon that bu…
Your money my money no money
Little bitches moan I bought 3.5 tracked and &poun…
on  trevcrcrn
Value for money? Crazy prices on 1g 2g 3.5g and 7g
Am only here few months i was same as yous was abo…
Can’t give any refunds until escrow stop fucking about simple isn’t it
Your the only 1 fucking about Dude
How long should I wait for order with poor stealth??
Same boat buddy first dispute on 11 buys escrow ha…
Just to say if anyone items don’t turn up I offer a replacement for free. But that’s still not enough for so…
GTP I ordered 3.5 and hasn't arrived sent Tuesday …
bigg now