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generate bitcoin with reference codes.
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What Bitcoin wallet do you use?
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Updated pic please guys. Very interested but I've so many questions(wrong strain in title and description, old pic etc)
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Anyone had any of this batch? And I'm talking oct 2020
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Very very bad!!
Yeah I can't lie I had other smoke from elsewhere … + 2 more
Watch out biggys - packaging will destroy your product!
When was this?
When you say vaporize it are you referring to dabbing it in a rig or like a e-pen? I've never really bothered with disti…
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Worst customer service on this site hands down
For what it's worth the zombie sticks are a true t…
Any chance of a response?
Also I should clarify i don't order anything illeg… + 4 more
I didn't say it wasn't worth it mate trust me. I j… + 3 more
Another premium drop Jaffa Caked Cookies !!!!
A pic of the jaffa caked cookies would be cool eve…
In my experience dealing with you was like dealing…