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Where is jj5637901?
by  MGDGutsyD
Biggaz! Help an old man out! What would you do?
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Want Christmas Ganja? Don’t hang around!!!!
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best term for non-stoners?
TLO’s (The losing outers)
what if we sent weed to conflict zones instead of soldiers?
Ali G In da house style?
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where is the most optimistic place on earth right now?
My friend you need not go anywhere to feel more optimistic. As a wise old goat I would suggest that you will feel more optimistic about the world if y…
Foreigners to be banned from Amsterdam weed cafes
Thanks to LB and the great quality of greenery for sale on here Amsterdam is now just another metropolitan city that I might revisit. However were the…
Is this for real
As the saying goes...... IF ITS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, THEN IT IS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE!!!! As the previous Biggaz have said it doesn’t look very promisi…
As a long time (30 years) toker must say I was very impressed with the last “White Dawg” from ULC. Smelt lovely and smoked just as well.