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Strangest/Scariest Incident When you were high?
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Best Rap Show You've Ever Been To?
This is very hard.... but Skepta in Dublin 1 year …
Vape help
I bought the Arizer Solo 2... dry herb vape... the…
Republic of Ireland anyone?
you too man, thank you for all the info, it helps … + 4 more
{lb help}
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Advice for treating Arthritis with CBD
thanks pal and to you too. Just made me mad that s… + 2 more
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Delivery times uk to Ireland
Oh shit, I hope you get your package soon. Reall… + 3 more
{lb help}
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Anybody else in the UK had wait times over 8 days for post recently?
Not in the UK but a friend of mine lives in Hertfo…
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