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{lb help}
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No response what do I do?
As others said, you should dispute. You should also state the sellers name here so others can avoid 👍🏼
New addition to the Exotics family; Grape Cream Cake
Looks unreal tbh. It's just SLIGHTLY outside my usual price range but I'm considering getting a half of the cake as a treat
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The Earth’s core has stopped spinning!
Once you're aware we don't live on a spinning ball in a space vaccum, then none of these nonsense headlines provoke a fear response in you. When you …
no ID bitcoin
Correcto. That's literally the last step to the process 👍🏻 + 2 more
Dealers spraying weed/shake with chemicals
You need to mention the seller(s) if you truly feel this way mate. imo a lot of people will just leave a 10/10 rating regardless of quality and servic…
Wrong product
I've just seen your second review on here mate and am shocked. I actually feel so bad for you.... Can't imagine the disappointment and frustration you…
Wrong order & no replies
started topic + 5 more