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First impressions of sellers.
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Vaccines potentially a threat to life?
Usually with these things I take the lead of trusted scientists rather than some dude on a black market weed site comment section. Anti vax people are… + 2 more
Trey Parker's Student Film
Haven’t watched this in 20 years. Started singing Shpadoinkle Day to my kid today out of nowhere. Open up LB and it’s the first post? Incredibly funny…
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Top 100 Albums in the Rick Rubin Extended Universe
Did I miss Mars Volta on that list? Top 3 Rick Rubin Also Yeezus, System’s first album and One Hot Minute top tier.
on  digitHall
Any vendors from Portugal?
Hootan sends from Spain. Could be a good option.
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What decade had the best rap?
There’s a lot from the 00s. Early Kanye, Mos Def, Common, Lupe, Jay Z. Difficult to pick really. Probably 90s actually. Mainly for Tribe Called Ques…
on  Surfer300
Doge is going to moon and I can’t wait. I don’t really want to be able to buy bud with it though. I used to have btc which was meant to be an investme…
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Who's your best for stealth and next day delivery? Dann is up there
Smoggyman LUD ULC Superhans More often than not have all had it to me in a day.
Blue Kush - Limited availability
Just messaged. But yes please if possible. Was after 14g. Cheers mate, good to see you’re doing well.
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Rank The Dead Rappers
Not mentioned yet we need DOOM and Mac Miller.
Tips For Smell-Proofing Your Stash?
I just use a small Tupperware box inside a bigger Tupperware with my grinder and skins. Go on trains and have it at work too and never smell anything.