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Hi all ,I'm Oilman I'll keep this as short and sweet as possible as You all know why your here . So I've been making RSO - full extract oil - for health purposes since 2007 and growing since 94 - I've also helped people with my oil who have had great success with it so I definitely make a good product that I'm proud of. I grow everything I use and all of my oil is full spectrum extract of very high quality. The final product is decarboxylated and has 10 - 20 percent coconut oil ( batch dependant - percentage noted on each batch ) mixed in to make the dosing easier as the product is very strong and thick In viscosity . This is down to the varietys I use and grow. For dosing I use the half grain and full grain of rice analogy. Half grain for a newby and full grain for a seasoned user. 1ml goes a long way ! But still you can ingest in quantity's that suit your needs if your that way inclined. Please be careful though as it's easy to take too much ... But down to business ... Firstly ... I'm not here to step on the toes of the other excellent vendors of LB I'm just here to sell the oil I have left over from my batches that I make. I will be able to list small batches every couple of weeks for anyone who it can help. I'm only posting to the UK only - sorry world - good news tho as to the UK the postage is included in the price and always will be. Each Sale will be delivered by RM In full descreet packaging - double vac packed and in a stealthed padded envelope. Each ml will come in a reusable glass lua lock syringe and variety and mix will be on the label. If anyone wants advice on the use of RSO feel free to message me - I have alot of expertise and experience with oil and love to pass on any usefull knowledge I have x
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Hi all , heres another one of my old school varietys up for sale if anyone fancys a taste! It's smelly, strong and sticky! its a superskunk I've had since 96/97 that I got from sensi seeds on a dam trip. she's really strong and hardy and why I've never got rid of her. So enough rabbit ..... Hope you enjoy these nugs of bliss ... Ltd quantity available :)
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