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shatter suggestions
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Anyone else having trouble when rating buys?
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Pistach's Wedding Crashers review
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Polar Bear
Best strains on LB for chronic pain/ depression/ anxiety/ PTSD
Y'know what, this is just lovely in amongst some of the trolling and general bollocks that has been on these pages recently. A vendor recommending ano…
GUMMIES 400mg per pack PRICE
I've found the worms to be the best tasting of the 3 edibles available from RB. Not bitter at all. If you ask nicely RB can give you all one type rath…
on  Jaybird
Sativa Recommendations
I'm currently smoking DIUK's Sour Diesel and its a good batch. + 2 more
The good old "Cali" claims
Pop it on your wall mate(s), as a couple of others have said, let the market decide. FWIW everything I've had from you guys has been very reasonably p…
NugNinjaZ Euro Canna-Cup 2020/1
Wales 3 Turkey 1
on  Gee
1st time waiting
Was it booked for NDD? If not 3 days+ isn't an age to be waiting if its standard royal mail. Several won't respond till a set number of days have pas… + 2 more
What's hot on DIUK? :)
Not sure if this is an old post but here's my twopenneth worth on DIUK's strains worth a crack that I've had recently. Northern Wreck London Pound Ca… + 2 more
on  mrsmith21
Good Hash
For me, Hashisin's sativa hashes have been the absolute business. Diesel cream and dragonfly hash i found hard to fault + 3 more
on  hisam2k
Anyone selling flav gummies anymore
Radar Breeder's gummy snakes have been a regular purchase of mine for over a year now. I find the snakes (40mg a pop) do the job wonderfully. 2 of the…
Looking for 2 testers
Yes please, I'm interested
I need a new series to watch
Trailer Park Boys should be perfect for everyone on here, given the enormous amount of smoking and growing throughout! + 2 more