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New Potent Hash Types!
I'm tempted by your dragonfly hash. I suspect temp… + 2 more
How is this still available?
I'm afraid you may have some 'guilt by association…
Anyone have suggestions for bud under $60? (3.5)
cheesemaster's bruce banner is worth a crack. $50 …
Are these fake? How come they don’t have the canna verification and all the shiny hologram stickers?
What would I look for to tell if PGR has been used… + 6 more
on  Apexskunk
Strongest KO recommendations
Northern Wreck from DIUK is a strong contender....
Any other stoners love rugby?
I think you're right re it being France's year for…
I need a new series to watch
Trailer Park Boys should be perfect for everyone o… + 2 more
Introducing WOWWW Factor Sour Sop
Result! I had some extra NW arrive with mine so ca… + 2 more