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Any Growers Willing to Sell Their Chop?
I see plenty of growers on LB offering shake for sale but what about their chop (leave, stems etc) - basically the stuff that the average grower disposes of. I appreciate that some may process this, but I suspect many don't. I would be a buyer as I am a bubble hash lover and my local source recently quit growing (sad times) but I don't see any sellers on here. What you saying growers - anyone willing to get involved?
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Possibly the Most Perfect Toking Album Ever Made?
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Where are today’s protest singers?
I blame the growing influence of the network - attentions turning inwards as the younger generation start living in the fantasy of the online world. …
best way to smoke hash?
I'm feeling your hash desire too. Since I've been on LB I've got right back into it and tbh, haven't much time for all the lovely bud in my collectio…
Vaccine Ingredients......... + 5 more
Tips For Smell-Proofing Your Stash?
used marmalade jars work for me - no smell at all until the lids are removed when that funky goodness makes itself known...ahhhhhhhh.
Best weed movie?
Not a weed movie as such but up there with the best 'Withnail and I' - I will never tire of this film... + 4 more