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hup! ya boy ya!
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Anyone shipping from Ireland?
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First shipping to Ireland?
Good luck with that. I ordered 7g from TGT in September 2021 just gone and it was seized by customs. That was my third order from them over the last f… + 2 more
Best EU sellers December 2021
It certainly did arrive and it didn't disappoint either. I really appreciate the re-ship. You are a gentleman! Top quality smoke too. + 2 more
on  andylar
Irish customs
Just had the same thing happen to me. Just curious, did you order again with delivery to the same address? Wouldn't that be risky? Are there any Irish…
on  rtbobbyt
What do people smoke with flower?
Seconded. Herbakko is great.
{lb help}
on  {lb help}
Ordering BIG quantities to Ireland? Like an Ounce?
I wonder if it's a safer bet to order from the Spanish vendor here. If it comes from inside the EU then it shouldn't really come through customs, shou…
Anybody getting anything through these days
My 7g hash order was seized :-(