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how can ethereum keep getting more valuable when there is no limit to mining?
ETH is switching from Proof of Work (This is GPU/ASIC mining) to Proof of Stake, You can look up 'EIP 1559' and 'ETH Proof of Stake' if you want to …
Regarding deliveries with fake names
Post office won't (in my experience) give you a parcel unless you have the ID of the person it's adressed to with you. I've tried to pick up a parcel …
Bitcoin fees crazy
I'm using Electrum. I sent 0.0014 to someone yesterday and the fee was 0.0002.
Agreed, I've tried edibles from 4-5 different vendors on here and nothing has even come close to these brownies.
on  AndyHigh
Expired payment?
You can look up the trade and see where the BTC ended up and go from there, all BTC transactions are tracked.