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Is Bill Gates Getting Blackmailed?
First he resigns from all his boards then he gets divorced seems the boy is under some stress.
star lads
Dont worry he's always a step ahead
I dont think thats the deal. Its a spiel to protect their ill-gotten assets. Attorneys in Gates divorce also worked on Bezos split.
Well, there are articles about his wife starting divorce proceedings when the Epstein report came out. Maybe Bill and Bill had some fun together on Lolita Island?
I think this is possible, for me the whole Epstein saga is the biggest story of modern times, he has been dealt with but maxwell is key to everything, she is being unusually mistreated, i hope she gets to blow the lid but i fear the biggest cover up in history has already been one step ahead, makes my blood boil :(
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Vaccines potentially a threat to life?
This really is a case where lies can harm. That applies to both sides of this argument. The idea of a rushed drug bringing unknown side effects is …
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Worst Star Trek Series of All Time?
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Ciao! Any recommended sellers based in EU?
suisse ms is the way to go