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The taste?
Received today, the stuff is good.. the smell it i…
New Potent Hash Types!
WOW Looks yummy, order in 3,2,1...
started topic + 3 more
Still available?
Could you please share a picture when it arrives ?
Mimosa | new strain in stock.
Goner already ??? :(
Red lebanese
Is this from TGT ? Just got mine and looks complet…
Radar Breeders Mimosa Review
Im asking him if he will restock anytime soon.. It…
Please respond to your messages
I am just saying 24h for a response is not crazy, … + 2 more
Portland Oregon mimosa dropping tomorrow!!
Just a bump on the road my friend, lets keep it up… + 4 more
on  Docazz
Hey anyone just browse on here when high?
Yep mate, same here.. working from home and in loc…
Looking for a review!
Wow, good to know.. I should probably read the rul… + 5 more
BudBros not working out?
Haters gonna hate mate, please DONT let these idio…
Landed safe and sound, such a pity the Anonymuz st… + 10 more