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New Vendor.
Looks awesome mate, sent an order.. can't wait to try!
Err…good luck with this guys!
Shame only large quantities available and seems a bit pricey.. I was waiting for the listings to send an order but not with this conditions I'm afraid… + 2 more
Buffy T
on  Buffy T
Connoisseur Hash
Hashlover420 is what you looking for right now.. mine hopefully landing tomorrow, but he has had consistently the best hash in here for a good couple …
Review of OG Kush hash from RolexKingsUK
And its gone.. why this keeps happening to me ! :)
Vendors sending substitute items
Same here man.. was it D*****0?
Plant growth regulators (PGR) are used by profit-hungry growers and the result is a cheap, medicinally reduced, cancer-r…
Oh man... I just read/learnt about this...and I had to sit down.. how can you corrupt this beautiful plant man.. the one thing I was sure I was safe f…
This wouldnt be confusing if vendor provides tracking number, if paid special delivery. This is all I'm asking as I'm in the same situation as the oth… + 3 more
Can you check messages please ??
started topic
Eggsmas giveaway - Raffle/ Lottery
This is literally the first post on your page today 19/12/2021... fyi
Some polm for your Christmas stockings!
Hey mate, I have been trying a lot of the diff hash available on LB.. but I can't find a proper one quality/price as there used to be.. this one might…
Not same MnJ as one month ago..
started topic + 2 more
I'm back!
Awesome man ! Welcome back
Just received it
Thank you man, I just put an order.. fingers crossed.. + 3 more
Stock take and it’s low !!!
You surprised ? Lol
C jm. 123
on  C jm. 123
How pure is your hash ?.
Expensive hash extractions would do, but I think you should try shatter.
Hell yeah !! Finally the day is here.. order sent !
New drop imminent !!
Wall looking good.. sending order very soon !!
Red lebanese
Is this from TGT ? Just got mine and looks completely different. The one arrived today is not a good quality hashish.. Its hard and smells like old sc… + 2 more
Radar Breeders Mimosa Review
Im asking him if he will restock anytime soon.. It was insanely good...
New strains?
Wish I could subscribe for updates.. lol The afgooey was a real treat !
on  Chopper
Best concentrate
Mate, Im trying all budget concentrates in LB.. Happybear, Swexotic, MJ, MKK and of course the infamous Jacksullivan.. I found nothing compared to t… + 2 more
Looking for a review!
I am now deff more into hash also.. But I always loved green, it would be nice to know how to get in touch with this UK collective.. I just couldn't… + 5 more