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CBD For Cancer
My sister in law is in probably the last year of her life due to cancer.
She's got morphine, but hates it.
I'd like some recommendations for max strength, high purity CBD please, if anyone has sone?
Hi stottster,

I'm sorry to hear about your sister in law. I am a vendor here, I have some Cheese CBD but it does have some THC (8%).

I'd happy send you some for free for her to try to see if she likes it. Just send me a message with your address.

As the others say though, you can buy High CBD (very low THC) flower online legally, it will have little psychoactive effect. Most of the stuff here is illegal as it's over ~1% THC, and will have some psychoactive effect - which is what most recreational users go for.

Sending you and her positive vibes and thoughts.

Full extract is the cure
Really sorry to hear that, please do not give up hope though.
My aunty got stage 4 a couple of years ago and they gave her till that Christmas.
Now she's in the clear and she's been taking FSO/RSO oil every day.
She didn't like getting stoned so we made suppositories for her.
Worth getting hold of that if you can afford the prices, if not buy some trim of someone and do it yourself if you have a safe space to do it.

With regards to the cbd from my own experience with messing about with vape temperatures for my own pain im not convinced cbd really helps that much, sorted my adhd out but i focused in on the pain more so felt counterproductive for me!
i found a hit of thca, then cbg and then thc really helped with pain. If you get a pen that u can choose the temperature then get her to follow that order using this chart
Kush has always been my goto for pain relief in a vape but smottie makes better FSO.
If you have any questions feel free to message me :)
Hello man, sorry to hear that. I have been using ice head shop for my CBD for a while. Just Google them
Google it. There is loads you can buy legally...

Sorry for being dumb, but with regard to CBD, is there no longer a difference between what you can buy on here and from Boots, etc.?
You can buy CBD weed here, which is to all intents illegal, but you can buy products containing CBD legally so everywhere.
Budbotanist grows lovely CBD flower.
Many are here for Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) for oral consumption and report good pain relief results, but thats generally made with regular bud.

Best of luck.
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Lost Delivery Etiquette
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Android BTC wallet recommendation
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Partially Paid Help
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{lb help}
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order did not appear on the wall
Yes, happened to me. LB will let you place an order without being logged in. So, if like me, you always have a browser tab open with LB open in it, yo… + 2 more
Hi, can, I order 2 items to the one basket or are they al separate orders? Thanks
Didn't know that - thanks.