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doctor doc
Panic attacks (PTSD) from weed
Have you tried taking a beata blocker every day this will stop your heart pulpatations.Get them off the doctor😀
Uk to Northern Ireland seizure rates
I live in Northern Ireland green team is the guys you want to order off best smoke and best stealth.
Hurricane Bitcoin coming in. Pray for the Vendors 🙏
No harm to all the crypto nuts out there but it’s all rubbish.Bitcoin is worthless and will never be used as a currency.It’s a cult like the Manson fa…
on  FredsDad
UK sellers with best stealth
Postmen are thieving bastards.If they suspect a package has gear in it they will steal it.Royal Mail used to be stand up people of society but now it’…
Ripped me off
Mate I’ve lost a few quid on here doing what you done ordered couple grands worth and it never arrived.Some sellers on here think they are big lads bu…
What can you do when your orders keep getting seized?
Yes they allow it.It’s only bit of weed.Most people be glad if you tell them you will order them some too. + 7 more
Absolute con artist
Fair enough comment mate least your not trying to give out advice like smoke a joint below. + 4 more
Merry Christmas- it cam only get better from here right?!
Ha ha Hamilton maybe if the spoilt we brat would pay his taxes like everyone else does people could relate to him but he is a sneaky we bastard don’t …
{buy help}
Seller not responding?
Hootan is a stroking cunt you shouldn’t have bought off him did you not look at his topic board he does this to everyone.Just don’t buy off him again …
This guy is a selective scammer
I did try and warn people about this wee dick head hootan.Unfortunately too many cocks fall for it and jump to the fags defence but when he strokes yo…
Very Disappointing
Another one bites the dust.That’s what hootan does exactly what you just describe.If you had of listened to the normal people trying to warn you inste…
The Importance Of Stealth!!!
Your friend got arrested.How come if it didn’t get delivered to their address.They can’t arrest you for a package intercepted at Royal Mail.They can o… + 2 more