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Hello Biggas - new to the selling scene! This will be small scale, artisan product, organically homegrown, trimmed and cured to the highest standard. Looking to share some sexual flower at reasonable prices and will be offering mixed sample packs as well as standard measures. Be good to get an idea of interest in what is coming up..... 1 - Purple Haze early Aug 2 - Gorilla Glue #4 mid Aug 3 - Cheesecake mid Aug In the meantime we want to test the payment systems and have some (more or less) freebies coming up! Watch this space.
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items advance of some upcoming bud we want to get to grips with the payment system and offer some (almost) free items. First up we have some handmade hemp wicks for bong lighting and the such! Makes such a difference to the smoke..... no butane! Well worth a try. 5 for 5 dollar (love you longtime)...
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10/10 Organic THC infused TOFFEES (Free P&P)
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9/10 CHEESEcake Toffee Edibles (FREE 1st Class Post)
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10/10 CHEESEcake Toffee Edibles (FREE 1st Class Post)
rated 1 day ago   took 1 day to arrive
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(Almost) freebies incoming!
Toffee Edibles Fucking Flew Out!
Last batch of GG4 Toffees for a little while
PURPLE HAZE incoming...... despatch 17 Aug! (FREE P&P)
Last 2 packs
BTC help
Exodus Cheese?
Cheese? And Cake? Cheese....... Cake
The PURPLE HAZE burns clean, smokes smooth and hits hard
Last 2 packs - 5 FREE wicks with each order
Exciting single strain toffees being listed later!
Fuck me.... purple haze toffees did not last long
TOFFEES are ere
Toffees are incoming....
First Glimpse - manicuring our lovely Purple Haze
(Almost) FREE toffee edibles
Why use a hemp wick?
PGP or some shit....
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Welcome to LB
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Why are some vendors (eg Gods Connect) not showing on items page?
I've messaged you man + 2 more
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Sativa edibles
Thanks man! + 2 more
uk buyer wanting good quality gorilla glue 1oz min
Probably be early August from here!
We are big Jorge Cervantes fans but love any tips … + 2 more
Trainwreck, Maui, Acapulco, Green Crack, African genetics anyone?
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Best weed/hash for an upper buzz?
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EU/UK Vendors Overview (16JUL2020)
Hey man, how can we get on your listing? X