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Hey Biggas. We are a very small, family business and operate honestly and fairly at all times.

We sell our own artisan product; organically homegrown, trimmed and cured to the highest standard. We also handmake and sell our very popular toffee edibles!

We like to grow classic strains and always open to suggestions guys! Enough votes and we will grow it!

Previous Grows: (Vote for a REWIND)
Purple Haze
Gorilla Glue 4

Current Grows:
Green Crack
Exodus Cheese
Amnesia Haze

Next Grow:
Skunk #1

Please note Royal Mail is not 100% and going into Winter and more Covid issues please be patient. Most are close to normal service but the odd one can take an age. Please keep in touch if you have any concerns.

Shipping to the UK only
Dispatch next working day (Mon-Fri) on orders placed before 3pm
Refunds on a case by case basis, but we are fair and honest
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10/10 Organic THC infused toffee edibles (FREE 1st Class Mail
rated 2 days ago   took 2 days to arrive
6/10 Organic THC infused toffee edibles (FREE 1st Class Mail
rated 2 days ago   took 2 days to arrive
10/10 Purple Haze 2g Taster 5 Oct (Free 1st Class Mail)
rated 3 days ago   took 3 days to arrive
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(Almost) freebies incoming!
TOFFEEEEEES are in... Bonfire ones and not many
The UK Cheese Myth and Legend
Exodus Cheese..... the myth... the fucking legend! Forget your fruity Cali's... Bollocks to that, if we are gonna create some weed in the UK its got to smell of feet obvs...

This grow courtesy of Greenhouse Seeds Co, the only original Exodus Cheese we could find. Looking like late December for this to be ready but be excited...

Lets all be lazy cunts now and copy and paste some shit off the net: Generally known as simply “Cheese” or “UK Cheese,” Exodus Cheese is the original clone-only strain that originated in Southern England sometime during the late 1980s or early 90s. Said to be grown from a packet of Sensi Seeds Skunk #1, it is known for its high yields, potency and distinct, overwhelmingly strong cheese-like odor. Though the identity of the original grower is still debated, at some point in the early 90s the cannabis lifestyle activists based in Luton calling themselves Exodus acquired some clones of Cheese and from there it rapidly became one of the most popular and sought after varieties in the UK. Since then many breeders have created seed lines using Cheese, while the original clone is still found in grow rooms around the globe.
Update to this. Unfortunately due to large intakes of marijuana the NO Team are unable to actually use a calendar or multiply numbers together..... despite a professional accountancy qualification?! It is going to be the end of January before the cured bud can be released, assuming a straight grow. Some good stuff in the meantime though.
Fuck yes please
Hi greenisgood I Second that :-))..1 of my favourites of all time.Old School Cheese. .Such a Shame its not Ready Early December..:-(. Would love to be Blazing that Xmas Morning lol.either way def worth the dont see much cheese listed on anything a bonus :-)!!!!
Exactly ^^^
Smell my (Exodus) CHEEEEEESE
Better than a Werther's Original!
Its PURPLE HAZE time again biggas
Knockout toffees
Who wants new toffees
by  Mobbudz
Gorilla Glue 4 Taster Pack 2g (Free 1st Class Mail)
Purple Haze well received
Gorilla Glue 4 - Sample Packs being listed THIS WEEK
New edibles coming tonight
Purple haze,all in my brain...
by  chad_igyu
Yall gonna drop anymore of that purple haze
Bitcoin wallet help
First Glimpse - manicuring our lovely Purple Haze
Purple haze listing 7pm tonight
GG4 review ten from ten
Last batch of GG4 Toffees for a little while
Toffee Edibles Fucking Flew Out!
PURPLE HAZE incoming...... despatch 17 Aug! (FREE P&P)
Last 2 packs
BTC help
Exodus Cheese?
Cheese? And Cake? Cheese....... Cake
The PURPLE HAZE burns clean, smokes smooth and hits hard
Last 2 packs - 5 FREE wicks with each order
Exciting single strain toffees being listed later!
Fuck me.... purple haze toffees did not last long
TOFFEES are ere
Toffees are incoming....
(Almost) FREE toffee edibles
Why use a hemp wick?
PGP or some shit....
by  mrspock89
Welcome to LB
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Sativa edibles
Thanks man! + 2 more