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Magic mushrooms
What oblong said magic83, I’ve purchased a couple times the penis envy is very strong and it literally sent my ocd Into remission
on  {gaming}
Any good game suggestions? Help a brother out
I normally play shooters but I highly recommend ghost of Tsushima
Where do I get Magic mushrooms?
did you manage to find them kbizzle? i had them from magic before but now it says his page is restricted?
Uk hiphop to listen too while high
Clavish mad about bars
we need a little biggy gang sign :)
I remember when I got some blue gelato from ULC I had multiple people approach Saying it’s loud asking where I got the bud from and what it was. One o…
The mushie sent my ocd into remission
started topic + 3 more
95 sales - my next 5 orders of 3.5g+ receive an extra gram with their order :)
£85 for a half of ami or dawg round here it’s shite tho compared to the bud off LB
The Gentlemen Dealers should NOT sell Jungle Boys packs! EVER!
I have have a friend that lives in the us and I’m sure he said before dispensaries sometimes sell shite weed he said something about mould can sometim…
on  Uk8848/10
Your choice!!
Uk 100% Cali might be nice but it’s too overpriced plus uk weed grown good can be just as good
on  united333
shrooms Normally has them
Favourite thing to eat when really high??
You know them lotus biscuits? they vanish in seconds + 2 more
White widow should be here aswell
PURPLE HAZE incoming...... despatch 17 Aug! (FREE P&P)
Bomb asf + 3 more