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95 sales - my next 5 orders of 3.5g+ receive an extra gram with their order :)
£85 for a half of ami or dawg round here it’s shite tho compared to the bud off LB
on  {gaming}
Any good game suggestions? Help a brother out
I normally play shooters but I highly recommend ghost of Tsushima
Where do I get Magic mushrooms?
did you manage to find them kbizzle? i had them from magic before but now it says his page is restricted?
Magic mushrooms
What oblong said magic83, I’ve purchased a couple times the penis envy is very strong and it literally sent my ocd Into remission
we need a little biggy gang sign :)
I remember when I got some blue gelato from ULC I had multiple people approach Saying it’s loud asking where I got the bud from and what it was. One o…
The mushie sent my ocd into remission
started topic + 3 more
The Gentlemen Dealers should NOT sell Jungle Boys packs! EVER!
I have have a friend that lives in the us and I’m sure he said before dispensaries sometimes sell shite weed he said something about mould can sometim…
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Your choice!!
Uk 100% Cali might be nice but it’s too overpriced plus uk weed grown good can be just as good
Gutted thought it meant 10 buys in general;( Your page is looking nice though I might have to indulge lol + 2 more
on  united333
shrooms Normally has them
Favourite thing to eat when really high??
You know them lotus biscuits? they vanish in seconds + 2 more
White widow should be here aswell
Uk hiphop to listen too while high
Clavish mad about bars
PURPLE HAZE incoming...... despatch 17 Aug! (FREE P&P)
Bomb asf + 3 more