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/!\ Sketchy vendor - selective SCAMMING /!\
Congrats DM, you've really made it now some twat is claiming you're dodgy. Shitty buyers should not be tolerated on this board.
Sites like this will never work with vendors like Hans
Mate, get a fucking grip of yourself. You're behaving like a belligerent child. Bitcoin is a volatile currency and you take this risk every time you b… + 2 more
Super Hans is no scammer
Good for you mate, takes courage to admit when you're wrong. Hope you're able to overcome whatever issues you're dealing with. Good luck
Who on earth gave this a 1 and said poor quality?
Agreed, I got a custom with this and ginger ale. I think this strain is my favourite indica from Super Hans and I've tried most of them lol
Look great, just no confidence it will arrive
I've had a pretty grim experience with RB the last lot of weeks. Ordered 27/8 and it's yet to arrive, waiting 4+ days for responses from him so I've d…
Unfair review :(
I got some of the zkittlez a week or two ago and it was delightful! Would definitely order from you guys again.