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I need a new series to watch
Dark on Netflix. German show about time travel set in a village where kids keep going missing every 33 years. Stunning production values, really intri…
Selling on little biggy vs the darknet
Really interesting, thanks for sharing. I'm a long time enjoyer of the herb, since I was 18 through to mid 40s now, on and off but mostly on for the l… + 4 more
Online wallet for noob
If you're using bittylicious you don't need a wallet. You just enter the wallet code for the vendor you're buying from, and bittylicious sends your pu…
{lb help}
on  {lb help}
Why did LB stop me posting advice on using Bittylicious?
started topic + 2 more
1st class was faster than NDD lol
started topic
Who do i have to talk to in order to decriminalize cannabis in the UK / GB?
Remind me to come back to this topic in 25 years or so, when we'll be no closer.