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Mac 1 x Oreoz x Disco Biscuits
Had to get involved and just put an order in! Loved the ICC, DB and most recently mimosa. No doubt this is another winner!!
Looks Great!
Yo dude, mine landed today. Lovely smell to it, can't really put my nose on it as there seems to be multiple Berry like aromas coming off. Burns a nic…
Friday Giveaway! / 2G AMNESIA HAZE
If you don't know, now ya know, bigga
Menu Update : New Strain
Mate I cannot agree more, got mine today and its the dawg I've been looking for. Sdanking. This is the second strain I've tried off LUD I've got elsew…
Oh my goodness.....
Just made my first order of this legendary LB strain. Got a feeling its gonna be a good Bank Holiday! + 6 more
Some actual decent weed
Hey mate, I'd be interested to hear your review on the dawg star. I'm on the hunt for some quality dawg, lots of options so want to get my hands on wh…
Essentials, what you got?
started topic
UK weed now available at amazing prices
No worries mate. + 7 more
Couldn't agree more. Great follow up to the mac 10 dissapointmen. Banging bit of bud here biggaz. This is what a great RB order should be, bud exactly…
Wow, BB is the best!
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RB gets my vote too. He has the price right 7g upwards for the quality of green on sale. While established vendors on here have added anywhere between…
Top Grade Mac 1
Oh hell yeah, roll on that delivery!!! + 5 more
MAC ONE Review
After getting through half my order I gotta agree, your review is bang on. Bag appeal and smell are nice, but its just lacking everywhere else. Had fa…
Anyone tried the nov batch?
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