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B.C.A to dispute or not dispute
Lol you’ve definitely picked the wrong perso… + 4 more
Help needed for Mighty
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New vendors should take a leaf out of Smoggy
started topic + 2 more
New packer employee didn’t work out
Haha yeh spot on, heard this excuse about 10 times… + 3 more
Package not received yet and getting stressed about bad reviews r.e. Stealth!
Yeh sounds like you’re now in a pretty shit … + 2 more
Are you going to address your customers who had their packages stinking of weed when delivered to our front doors?
Yeh I second this, the weed’s banging but th…
Mighty vape for sale
started topic
What happened to the stealth man!
Yeh this has really fucked me off. I even discusse…
Not as described
Doesn’t look like the pic at all to be fair …
Top notch customer service and the Pink Cookies is fire
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Best UK Rapper of AlL TiME?
Yeh that K-lash album was a banger, actually gave …