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on  Chopper
£100 an 8th?
we need direct comparison reviews
Ratings Overated
yes! and seller and buyer will both benefit from better information
on  {shade}
There’s a Bigger Scam Than Anything in Crypto, It’s Called KYC/AML
so true but so many don't get this, they actually seek acceptance from government and the banks.
Get Set For ‘a Wild Ride’: Dfinity’s Dom Williams on the Launch of The Internet Computer
I'm always wary of hyper funded startups that operate like academics but this is very compelling.
{buy help}
Don't Accept 50% Refunds
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on  {rap}
most inspirational rapper?
So cool
cover blown now he's gotta paint that thing
To The LB Class of Covid-19: Skyfall
be careful what you wish for
to the sellers that stayed online during the blockchain meltdown: STRONGER
not surprised to see most of the og biggaz stayed online, they've seen enough shit with bitcoin to be used to this.
on  Richy781
Let's hear your stoned philosophical comments
in a universe ship flying through the metaverse
What is post-humanism?
version 1 is a little more humble than that, but hell if you're into magnets + 2 more
on  {gaming}
The Vigilante Hunting Down Cheaters in Video Games
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on  {gaming}
occulus quest2?
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on  {bitcoin}
BTC VS MONERO as payment option
they are truly amazing. not only is that before monero was invented it's before the department was established. + 3 more
5 ways to short bitcoin
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The Royals Should Pay Slavery Reparations
Would be the smartest thing they could do, what they fuck are they doing otherwise - besides providing testimony to inequality? + 2 more