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word up this site empowers buyers and the payment processor will overrule your refund policy, publishing this is actually a red flag you don't want to…
on  Bonjela88
Does anyone know a way around sending money from bank debit cards..can you do it on revolut?
Yes revolut sells btc
How Would You Save the Roman Empire?
full lockdown when the plague arrives
Cornel West on America's Existential Crisis
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{lb help}
on  {lb help}
RM: unfortunately we can't deliver your item because there is a fee to pay
the seller simply needs to let the posties enjoy this pack and send out a new, bigger one. if they are reluctant to do this then we can all suffer t…
universal gut interface?
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on  Biggdave
The 3 famous people you would wanna get stoned with?
Ayn Rand, Nikolai Tesla and Lech Walesa. Guess I'm a little partial to slavs. + 2 more
{buy help}
Seller wants dispute to be closed before items received?
you are under no pressure to close the dispute
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Conspiracies today are like spirits in ancient times – conspiracy researcher
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The Vigilante Hunting Down Cheaters in Video Games
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Let's hear your stoned philosophical comments
in a universe ship flying through the metaverse