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on  Biggdave
The 3 famous people you would wanna get stoned with?
Ayn Rand, Nikolai Tesla and Lech Walesa. Guess I'… + 2 more
- Let him stall past escrow release. - Get conned…
what if we let the boomers die?
here's what im thinking, as long as when i'm burne…
everyone is so angry
the fucking masks have taken away smiling and repl… + 2 more
Worst case scenario to expect if package seized UK to UK?
It doesn't matter how nice or how scary the cop is…
How Are Negative Interest Rates Possible?
It's possible that technology is making everything…
on  Golmagnum
£12.60 btc fees for a half q!?
this happens when the market rallies and lots of c…
mr burns reel
started topic
Seal was wrong, our craziness is our biggest threat to survival
he said "a little" crazy.
Is a consensus of biggaz enough?
started topic
on  MGDGutsyD
Biggaz! Help an old man out! What would you do?
glad it worked out, btw its not a bad thing to go … + 2 more
on  {gaming}
occulus quest2?
started topic
Is Trump Planning a Coup?
Look out for a General that speaks out on law and …