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elevators are the way to go - to space
but it makes it into orbit, that's where all the r…
mr burns reel
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Advice on bitcoin wallets
Yes its an extra step of security theater, doesn't… + 2 more
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Cornell West on Neo Fascism
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what would it take for you to completely trade this world for vr?
A couple more days of lockdown.
How To Live Forever (Guardian)
how bout if you have to wear a mask the whole time
how hard is it to get skills anymore?
Insurance would work a lot better if there were pu… + 2 more
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The Vigilante Hunting Down Cheaters in Video Games
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hitler fucked trumps mom
started topic
what if we let the boomers die?
here's what im thinking, as long as when i'm burne…
Is Trump Planning a Coup?
Look out for a General that speaks out on law and …
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Electric Crypto Balkan Acid Test
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The Most Important Aspect of Bitcoin Is the Separation of Money and State
As a technology it's winning but with an unlimited…
a history of mercantalism
This is a reminder of what a primitive concept mer…
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