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any biggaz headed to hyde park on 420?
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The Last Rock Band?
My neighbors love Clutch and now all their windows are broken I can hear the lyrics better.
the lex friedman podcast
dumbing down intellectually and emotionally, had way more respect for both of them before this.
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The Rise of Biodigital Surveillance
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phds mvp
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Game Theory Ain't Life
this is getting even worse as people look at the kleptocrats running the game they realise cheating is the way to win
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comparison videos?
bigg up
Capitalism is unfolding exactly as Karl Marx predicted
I think capitalism ends in so much abundance that no one gives a shit.
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Coinbase: To use or not to use?
can you not select the fee on coinbase? ive never used them but most wallets allow this
use three words to describe little biggy
confirmation based intelligence