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11 X 1.5 GIVEAWAY 09/09
I Love TGT
11 X 1.5G GIVEAWAY :)
I Love TGT
on  Richy781
Let's hear your stoned philosophical comments
Enjoy every Smoke, Drink, Meal and hugs with loved ones as though they are your last because one day they will be.
Ice cream cake no scent whatsoever!
Haven't even been tempted by ICC since I had Drugs Inc's end of last year. In my mind nothing can compare to that gorgeous bit of bud. Sorry you lost…
Bulldog's Gelato.
Fantastic mate. Bud looks quality as per usual. Speak soon mate. + 2 more
June 2021, vac packing and whats good?
I ordered God's Blue Cough about a month ago for a mates birthday which was vac packed so much it was pretty much useless as a present. It was just on…
missing the dog
Nice one BB. + 2 more
NugNinjaZ Euro Canna-Cup 2020/1
Pains me to say it as a proud Taffy but...... Wales 0 Turkey 2