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Unique Opportunity to Give away 10 x 1g Toxic Thunder Haze. JJ
Count me in buddy.
Combo Sale.
Hey JJ Any chance of a bud combo? Cheers
on  TWDuke
NDD vs SD vs 1st Class RM
2 Vendors you need in your bookmarks my bigga. Northern Organics - post 1st class but always drops next day.…
Hello Lb is jj5637901
So glad you're ok JJ. My first order on LB was from you. Looking forward to the shop opening again.
Been waiting since June 20th for an order. It's now July 11th.
Excellent advice bigbum. Anything below 9.5 is a no no for me. In the 2 years I've been on LB I've only had 1 issue with a package which was rectif…
1000th Review $1000 Store Credit + PS5 Giveaway
Count me in D.