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Items not sent first class
Are we using spice (K2)
Use another delivery service
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{buy help}
Coinbase: To use or not to use?
I have been using Coinbase from day one myself, no problems
No order recieved for 2 weeks
Hit dispute and they will get back straight away
150$ ounces ALL WEEK!!!
All strain out of stock
Good stuff 💥💥🔥
on  FredsDad
UK sellers with best stealth
British bulldog are the best for stealth and price, gentlemen dealers stealth is very good but not cheap. I don’t mind paying that wee bit extra for g…
on  Adired
Vaping advice needed
I got a Arizer Solo 2 UK vape device, I am well pleased with it but haven’t tried concentrates yet, bought it from magic vaporisers.
Next cart
I am enjoying BCS now, it mixes well with a few bottles of strong cider lol you talked me into it lol + 4 more
on  Budlover
Delivery times uk to Ireland
Ordered of another vender one same day Friday, but still waiting, it must be down to how busy the post office is in vendor area and also Covid lockdow… + 2 more