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Another load of strains!
Thanks, good to know. + 2 more
ordered red leb, now not here and no reply to messages
I would like to know how this goes as the pics loo…
on  Katy
Reliable ndd experience?
I’m pretty new but the gentlemen dealers hav…
Pack 1yr ago
Has anyone smoked this? From this vendor?
Feels expensive
This guy gets it. + 11 more
Could we all help pay???
Great idea. + 2 more
on  mrspock89
Having to self isolate from Mrs Spock and rest of the family :( :(
Hope everything worked out ok for you mate. My wif…
on  Jazzyda1
Anyone order hash off hashisen ??? Iv paid 2days ago and not posted yet and no reply
Anthony Smith shit himself at a burglar. Lol + 5 more
Who do i have to talk to in order to decriminalize cannabis in the UK / GB?
I am 43 years old and people have been telling me …