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Ciao! Any recommended sellers based in EU?
Vendors within the EU
These are all the vendors currently shipping from within the EU. Not much of a selection but here they all are.

Member since: Jan 2020
LB rating: 9.6/10 on 100+ sales 0% disputed
Shop here------> HOOTAN

Member since: Aug 2018
LB rating: 7/10 on 50+ sales 0% disputed
Shop here------> AnAmericanInParis

Member since: Feb 2021
LB rating: 9.8/10 on 18 sales 0% disputed
Shop here------> BOB MARLEY 710

Member since: Apr 2020
LB rating: 9.5/10 on 4 sales 0% disputed
Shop here------> SWISS

Member since: Jan 2021
LB rating: 10/10 on 2 sales 0% disputed
Shop here------> SUISSE MS

So you've randomly stumbled across this great list of vendors, however do not want to bookmark the page for obvious reasons. Save a page on LittleBiggy: Just leave a comment underneath. Every time you log in to your account and scroll down, you will have access to this handy list with links to all your favourite vendors.

Comment anything at all, or if you can vouch for some vendors.
Wouldn't be going near An American in Paris, have a look at the reviews. One review in the past year saying they got something the rest saying they were refunded.
Swiss is on here a year and has 4 sales.. I wouldn't be risking myself.
Suisse and Bob only new so can't really say. Reviews seem good for new vendors.
Hootan one of the top vendors on here.
Here to confirm that Bobmarley710 is legit! Just got my custom order! 10/10 (03/05/21)
Cheers RebelTactics
Btw. I just took a dive on some SuisseMS AK47. My first bud ord.too! Wish me luck mate
Hi Illirum, How did that go for you? I have an order also and it's still not dropped.
It went well. I got my order to south EU in 6 days total.
Ive even made a sort of a review:
check it for more info
Thanks Illirum, was a little bit anxious!
Fingers crossed, keep us updated please
hey rebeltactics, suissems seems to be legit. Ive described their AK47 here:
Thank you RebelTactics, that is a very useful list!
Hi Rebel
Great list; thanks for having made it.
I had experience with Hootan and was good hash and great cusomer care.
For the french one; I ordered 3 times in one year and never succeeded to ship....a shame.
I will go soon for the swiss one.
Hope this can help some biggaz
My friends and I have ordered from Hootan and nothing but good results. That's good to leave a review like that so people know what to expect. If you can vouch for, or against, that will help little biggas. I believe you mean AnAmericanInParis just to clarify.....sellers may get butt hurt however reputation is everything
Yes I meant anamericaninparis for the french one...
I made 50+ ordrers here and Hootan has been the best in term of support...
Stay safe
Thank you. :)
Thanks Rebel
No problem:)
I vouch for Hootan.
UK 420
We can ship from within the EU or from the UK or USA.

EU and USA shipping has a minimum order as this is direct from our suppliers.

EU shipping sent via an express courier (1-4 days delivery)

USA 4-14 days delivery.

Any interest please get in touch.

USA minimum order - Quarter Pound pre packs or half pound loose flowers.

EU minimum order - 100g hash bar
suisse ms ships from (wait for it...) switzerland
and has good ratings so far
Thank you for this :D
We have the best vapes in EU, no cap. Check online for references on our award winning products.
He’s not bullshitting either!
Consegnare in Italia
by  noooby
Chi è il miglior venditore di cannabis per l'italia?
Amnesia haze extracts concentrates 80% THC