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FUN coin up 300% - the next Dogecoin?
Kamala Harris vows to decriminalize pot in debate!
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doctor doc
I have dry eczema. What kind of diet, exercise, lifestyle would you suggest? Cbd salves, will they work? Thanks
Is black seed oil topical or ingested?
on  Biggdave
The 3 famous people you would wanna get stoned with?
2 Chainz looks like a hoot to smoke with! + 3 more
Any good shake/ budget bud?
Very welcome, it’s pretty hard to find stuff sometimes, so I always read through the “wanted items” before I browse - we’re all here as a community :)… + 2 more
Any Thai/brick weed/less potent weed on here?
I’ve never tried it, is it worth the cash? + 2 more
Vendors with NDD
I have never gotten an order quicker than from Smoggyman: And it was the best West Coast Oregon flower I've ever …
on  [music]
Possibly the Most Perfect Toking Album Ever Made?
My go to is Pink Floyd ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’, followed by Dave Matthews ‘Before These Crowded Streets’ or ‘Under the Table and Dreaming’ and Fir… + 2 more