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CW Cali Weed
by  Bonjela88
How long does a refund take fellow Lbs
by  Bonjela88
Can you send bitcoin using revolut??to sellers...
by  Bonjela88
Does anyone know a way around sending money from bank debit cards..can you do it on revolut?
by  Bonjela88
Anyone know where Superhans is
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Who are your TOP Reliable Vendors?
Definitely Super Hans brilliant product nd very reliable excellent stealth and new comer Nero very reliable nd great bud too..I agree bad stealth bad …
on  mcjmmr
Anyone suffering from weed induced derealization/depersonalisation?
I agree with alot off the comments but this usually just lasts as long as ur high unless ur smoking everyday then maybe could happen you don't feel li…
Hello Lb is jj5637901
Great to see you back Jj my first order on Lb hope ur shop gets up nd running soon great bud you had Og 18 if I remember correctly. Good to hear ur ba…
Euro Vendor
😂 hope the service is better than I got Customs got the package nd like others said not that interested in refund etc best keep yer coin for other b…
Our Interpretation of the Wonderwall
Strange even sellers selling real Cali aren't on the wall lol and yes I did get the real stuff
on  hisam2k
Vape Cartridge vs Vapourizing dry herb?
Arizer supposed to be quality product from reviews. I've a Wolkenkraft fx mini good small vape fairly discreet. Any higher than 200 degrees or more mi…
on  andylar
Irish customs
Superhans very good stealth nd sound like everyone saying customs upping there game + 5 more