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How long does a refund take fellow Lbs
by  Bonjela88
Can you send bitcoin using revolut??to sellers...
by  Bonjela88
Does anyone know a way around sending money from bank debit cards..can you do it on revolut?
by  Bonjela88
Anyone know where Superhans is
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Order not sent?!
I agree get your two or three regulars nd stick with reliability top quality is what makes lb special. Your go to vendor will always have …
European Vendors Bud Review!
Got the blue gelato off Nero top quality bud lovely buzz off it took 5 or 6 days to come. Definitely a reliable vendor and I am a big fan Superhans UK…
Why Young Americans Are Having Less Sex
😆😆too fat too fuck true for some probably the women ain't putting out have to put in the ground work lol some off us just not arsed
Hard & fast or gentle & slow
Ah okay there expensive but seem to be Worth it from what ur saying using a vape a while now definitely cleaner stone you can vape hash in capsule is … + 4 more
Who are your TOP Reliable Vendors?
Definitely Super Hans brilliant product nd very reliable excellent stealth and new comer Nero very reliable nd great bud too..I agree bad stealth bad …
What Brought You To Biggy?
Covid and variety local connect you take whatever ur given at least we have choice here and excellent quality Super Hans Nero Diuk to name a few vendo… + 2 more
The men with ven do it again!
The men with Ven always deliver can 100% vouch for him one off the best vendors on here ..If you like indicia Dom the best
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Vape Cartridge vs Vapourizing dry herb?
Arizer supposed to be quality product from reviews. I've a Wolkenkraft fx mini good small vape fairly discreet. Any higher than 200 degrees or more mi…
Buying Bitcoins
Yeah paxful is good to buy from just buy from sellers with lots of good reviews as some want more money than you sent nd agreed upon but it is overall…