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{lb help}
on  {lb help}
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Problems with this seller?
A very long time ago in fact not to be rude but you didn’t do anything mate + 2 more
“Stealth could be better”?
Well what happens to my parcel you won’t replace
Can you please add smaller listings
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{buy help}
Looking for da budgettt
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You are a scammer mate paid for 10.5 got 3.5 no one but off this cunt
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Hello mate love the look of that nice price too I can’t smoke a lot of weed but that looks good + 2 more
Mate you sent me 3.5 and I paid for 10.5
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Can I put this in vape with coils
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Send a pic someone x
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{buy help}
New to this website
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Back with a bang new listing
Yo bro I bout some he didn’t send it maybe cuz it weekend but now I’m scared to order only here cuz he’s not responding to messages
How has no one tried this yet looks amazing
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