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Shout out to Hash tag UK
by  Marbul68
What happened to Next Day Weed?
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What Brought You To Biggy?
Crappy deals,crappy attitude and too many dodgy situations :( So used NDW until the end,lucky to get my last drop, although many seeds sticks shake a…
This is great!
Big shout out to Hash Tag UK ! Purchased many times always good weight great hash and fast delivery at a nice price. Banana Kush has become my go to f…
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Purchase & Vendor Review (Affordable Buys, including links and a bad buy)
I had my fingers crossed mine would land today :( Also been 10 days,gutted the last one arrived on the 9th day just in time for the weekend :) Hopefu…
Top vendor
I'll second that I've had multiple orders from these guys as well ,mainly Banana Kush which has become my go to hash :) Had the Jack Herer which was…
Does this look right?
Just like to say after a bit of a delay RB has sent me a reship :) Very happy as theres more in the pack than I ordered originaly :) Thank you RB for … + 2 more
Escrow Communication?
We live in hope pal !
Alright dude ,they are still going but not on LB at the moment as someone said jelous haters got them shut down. If you have placed an order already ,…
Organic Weed! Who can offer this?
I've used Northern Organics who are pretty cool to deal with and have nice clean smoke :)
Why 8/10
Wa alaykumu s-salam to you my friend :)
Nothing in over a week?
Hi I ordered the same and it took about 7 days to arrive. The post is still running slow even slower in some places. My sister works for royal mail a…