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Higher grade hash
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on  mcjmmr
Anyone suffering from weed induced derealization/depersonalisation?
I certainly wasn’t implying that a bad diet would be the sole reason for a problem like his to develop but perhaps a contributing factor and hopefully… + 4 more
Audi Hash
Really enjoying this too, strong clean hash.
biggaz breath hacks?
Brush your teeth then take the lucky person from behind.
Put it to the Biggaz....
I got the same gear and I’m still enjoying it. I put its unusual smell/taste down to it being a black hash and can be like that sometimes as it burn v… + 2 more
Best Current Hash on LB?
I can vouch for Hashishin.. Audi stamp is quality gear. And Hashlover420 too if you want some mega strong shit, pricey but worth it as a little goes …
on  Scully69
filtered hash
The last filtered I bought was the Mango haze x gush mints from Hashlover420… fucking ruthless. + 2 more
REAL X3 Filtered Hash 90u & 73u
Those look mental. Can’t wait to try them. + 2 more
Cannabis Clubs
I have. I visited “The Amsterdamned” in Puerto del carmen, just walked in without any recommendations or anything but they do require you buy a years …
Best places you've smoked?
I always enjoy camping in the hills. Couple small bottles of red and a couple of joints.
Worth The Wait?
Having just smoked a pure bong of this, I thought I’d report back here.. I find it tastes like it smells.. a bit rubbery but not so much so I didn’t w… + 8 more
on  Pugg
Books fantasy
Love Feist, read all Rift-war books. Struggled with the Wheel of time though, just couldn’t get into it. I like David Gemmell too, he’s got some grea…