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Ask away boys x
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Why is all the weed on here £65+ for 3 grams!!
by  Smee
Seriously tho
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use three words to describe little biggy
Keeps me sane!
After years of combusting my weed, i got a dry herb vape and...
Yeah I got a pax, so small and portable, I love it.
Favourite thing to eat when really high??
Good. Lord. + 2 more
ask my biggaz - are you the craziest of your friends?
This isn't the craziest site I'm on lol. But I'm certain my friends would find this one slightly more crazy than the other.
What would you like on the menu?
Second the thc juice :)
best ways to partake broke?
Can't beat a Dankrupt thread :)
LUDs Mochi (aka Gelato 47) Review!
Incredible review, currently smoking it and you have captured in words perfectly what I'm feeling.
Best 80's Film Ever....Go !!!
Anything with Patrick Swayze, Dirty Dancing, Roadhouse, Point Break, Ghost.......all absolute classics. RIP Patrick, the original triple threat x