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Initiative: Ban Cali Claims
I agree. Though I know juggle boys have barcodes you can scan to check its theirs
{buy help}
Onion Version of LB down?
I use the tor project from the playstore. Not had any issues + 2 more
Morning smoker, night time toker or an all day blazer?
Weekend I'll blaze all day. I have a little 1 so go for a walk. I finish at 4 so able to have that 4:20 toke
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Best Rap Show You've Ever Been To?
Insane Clown Posse put on a crazy show. Tech n9nes first show in London was crazy but I'd say Flatbush Zombies at the Ritznin Manny. Ever felt that fl…
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Where are today’s protest singers?
I'd say for this definitely Run The Jewels. Akala is still about as well. Immortal technique is meant to be releasing a new album soon. I don't think …
no luck
To be fair it does say 7 days average. I'm waiting on this. I'm on day 8 now
What Brought You To Biggy?
Looked up how to buy weed and found the site from an article. 2 orders in. Many more to go
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Hip Hop is alive!
Can't fault high focus. I use to listen to Skinnyman but he started sharing some crazy things without fact checking so left him alone. If you like Ski… + 3 more
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Kottonmouth Kings - Refeer Madness
Can't beat Rollin Stoned. Great stoner/skater album. I have seen them live as well. It's a crazy group.
The Wedding is Over
I've kept a gram to 1 side. Soooooo tempting to crack it open
Doing these in the combo packs? If so I might have to get an order
StickyFingersCo Nominated for termination.
It's easy to find. The vendor posted a topic about a buyer. Screenshots of comments that should be from different accounts but from the vendor are all…