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Amazing quality buds right here with pistach
Pistach is the best seller on Lb. My to go seller always.
Another disappointed customer
So it's a scam? I was looking forward to buy from him but now...
Brilliant customer service - awesome carts
I have been chatting with MJ for a week before I bought. Communication is awesome. Waiting on delivery tomorrow . I am sure he will be my seller to go…
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THC Pods - Super stealthy
Do you know if those logic compact would work as a battery please? 350mh battery. Many thanks
TGT Elphinstone *PREMIUM* Review
Ordered 2 days ago. Waiting on delivery. Seems average is 3 to 4 days to deliver. First class????? Strange. Let's see.
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Postage/ Dispatch
Good to know seller is on it. Just placed my first order yesterday. Shipped today. Waiting now. Let you know. Cheers + 2 more