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Taking names an cleaning up shop
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Ok we get the point ...
Just put a order in for a henry of that cali boyo …
on  Snag699
Why are DIUK not showing up on the wall???
Where’s the reviews?
Nurse nurse can you get in here and sedate darylee… + 3 more
brown,mouldy and not very nice to smoke
Always somethjng with seller dead weed or weed wit…
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Hotboxed he wifey XD
And then you woke up cover on your own piss an shi…
Problems problem problems grrrr
Is anyone surprised by this? Anyone? We the sherif…
Dabbing RSO
Yes you actually can smoke it and i do so all the …
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Why no hard drugs
Coz people like daryladams are grasses an will get…
Insufficient Postage Paid
Yes but you have to put yourself in the position o… + 2 more
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IM BACK BITCHES!!!!!!!!! 8)
We the sheriffrank bros are very excited by the re… + 3 more