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Transaction fees very low now
by  Superj
Luds Vs UK connect battle of the gelato 41
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Strawberry and watermelon
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11 X 1.5G GIVEAWAY :)
I love TGT :) + 2 more
Berry OG & flash sale business
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Gelato egg and smarties
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Complete new menu
:) I was like hash? Must be good fire menu to bro. Now you are back another flavour dilemma
Good stuff :)
The gelato bro get some, best I had in a while, got some ice cream cake to, different to uncle Benns but still lovely. But that gelato different level… + 6 more
That looks so good
Uncle Benz Ice Cream Cake back in;)
She is back :)
Guava & ammi
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Ice cream eyes
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Homer Simpson frosted donut special
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The wife was in the shower
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Biscotti & candy kush
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Lightning hands LUD strikes again
Lovely one ain’t it roll on Tuesday payday and guava:) + 4 more
Mac 1 oreoz disco biscuit business
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Northern Wreck
Man I been looking at the northern wreck got sherbet which is lovely too. Be think wreck needs ordering. Is Dave a bit kushy? You know I love kush
Menu Update : New Strain
Dam Smoggyman that looks good and cheesy + 5 more
OG KUSH Back by popular demand
Hey Mr X this the original one? First thing I bought on LB :) was what hooked me in
Thursday night stalking..
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Addressing our recent 1/10
Yep same for me and was not small package. Very reliable and honest.