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Luds Vs UK connect battle of the gelato 41
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33, 41, it’s gelato bingo
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Simply gorgeous for flavour chasers
Nice review dude good sign you are high as :)
New Strain Added
Never tried this before sounds lovely
Ice cream you scream we all need a lie down
started topic
Delicious thick orange kushy goodness
Mix mag set went on at start of car mission, you k… + 4 more
Anyone had it delivered yet?
Looks nice trying to decide over this or some more…
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Ice cream cake
Ice cream just topped gelato could hardly move ear… + 4 more
Strawberry fields forever
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Introducing WOWWW Factor Sour Sop
Yeah looks like the ice cream level, be looking ou… + 2 more
Mango haze
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Wumpee vs super skunk
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on  Katy
Hangover cure for too much partaking?
I miss to 90s good times..:) + 3 more
Super blue dream
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Gelato 41..
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All the drugs inc buds bring you smokers to the yard...
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on  Freshman
Coinomi transaction fee £11! WTF?
Was up to £32 at one point I have found buyi…
It’s back :)
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Best gelato so far
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Oh my god goshie
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Powerful, sweet and savoury beauty!
Pound cake sweet thanks to sunset sherbet with a c… + 2 more
G13 haze
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Oh my kushness gracious lemon tree
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Literally me bro :)
Just one gelato give it to me..
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Lemon bubble & purple dawg
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MAC 10 the bud phenomenon
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Super skunk back to 96
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Thank you ❤️
The oilman’s work is done here :)
Nice Oldskool addition
This looks so good not had sensi in yrs