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Transaction fees very low now
by  Superj
Luds Vs UK connect battle of the gelato 41
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Menu Update : New Strain
Did you see that new one on drugs inc “hey dave” made me laugh. Happy smoking bro very similar sounding jars to mine :) + 2 more
Thursday night stalking..
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Addressing our recent 1/10
Yep same for me and was not small package. Very reliable and honest.
Triangle kush & king louis
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Sherbet lemon tree and gsc
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Grease Monkey Review (Urban Leaf Company)
Yes purple is my fav and hard to detour away from, nothing worse then bud envy :) + 2 more
Every dawg has its day..
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Mango haze
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I feel music needed to accompany this message, I chose ride of the valkyries..I think you know I am on my way :) + 3 more
Lemon and white dawg
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Simply gorgeous for flavour chasers
Nice review dude good sign you are high as :)
Delicious thick orange kushy goodness
Drum and Base best years following on from inner city life in 95 truely goodies masterpiece and Ltj bukem creating a different level, everyone was chi… + 4 more
Biscotti & candy kush
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10/10 Guava x Gelato Back
Just waiting for fees to die down :) guava is the one missed the last two drops including USA ice cream was a little too high missed the boat. + 2 more
OG..original gangster
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OG KUSH Back by popular demand
Hey Mr X this the original one? First thing I bought on LB :) was what hooked me in
Sherbet & sorbet review and vendor service
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Had to post a review
Not the only one who considered number 3 secretly :) + 2 more
Juicy fruit ice cream
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If you're wondering about the haze
Feeling blessed:) + 2 more
Choo choo all aboard the ghost train..
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Critical cookies and the dangers of a local bakery
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33, 41, it’s gelato bingo
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New Strain Added
Never tried this before sounds lovely
Ice cream you scream we all need a lie down
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Anyone had it delivered yet?
Looks nice trying to decide over this or some more skywalker