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Cannabis use for exercise and sport?
Spent a few seasons in the mountains in North amer…
Dry herb vapers! Recommendations please
I've got one and use an induction heater on it. Se…
Multiple strains dropped 19/10
Not tried the others yet but the Apple Fritter is …
Is this price correct
Check out the dosage. Usual ones appear to be 25mg…
Affordable Oz currently on LB?
LB could do with a Cannabis Cooperative Right plac…
Just to say if anyone items don’t turn up I offer a replacement for free. But that’s still not enough for so…
This thread appears to have been edited on 30/9/20…
on  Pugg
Books fantasy
Nice one will check out + 3 more
Advice on carts
Not tried mj carts. Look into dynavap its like the…
Did you know autoflowers rock?!
Brilliant thread here hashishin thanks. Grew my f…
Hash in a dynavap
Been putting thin disks of the drysift eggs sold o…
bigg now