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Missing order
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Has anyone tried the Trust Wallet App?
Trust wallet is very easy to navigate and the dex works well
Looks good
Thanks for the reasoning behind the price. I’ve ordered from you a few times and really appreciate the attention you put into every aspect of the tran…
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BTC VS MONERO as payment option
They’ve not cracked it, they are able to get a general idea but not the specifics, it’s gonna be a cat n mouse. OxMR has the new zsnark tech and maybe… + 2 more
Extracts, wax, terp
I’m looking for a people person and spotted this kind comment. I will look through your wares right now. Had some shake from you and it was good + 2 more
Afghan v Leb
I’m in uk and get heaps from Hashishin, fantastic stealth. Almost every purchase I unwrap I’m thinking wtf is this in here I can’t remember, was I hig…
50% Refund
started topic + 3 more
{buy help}
Order not fulfilled - vendor none responsive
No way
Dodgy reviews
It was me, Buffy T. I wrote the feedback on the bundle and stand by every word. I’ve had really good service all round from thb, I’ve been here a long…
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Who's your best for stealth and next day delivery? Dann is up there
The Provider has always had perfect stealth and I am often scratching my head wondering how it’s possible to get my delivery so quick the next day. Th…
Any samples?
I’ve not tried bubble before but just now it’s a bit pricey. Is anyone jumping in?
Good luck for the future and no hard feelings;) peace
Hey Bigbum, I’ve got big ears if it helps
To all those that wait for me to post and cancel the order
That’s such a low blow, lb is more than just a site to purchase there is a degree albeit small, of community, we try to honestly rate for each other a…
{lb help}
on  {lb help}
Cheapest way to send BTC
Wouldn’t it be great if we could use monero or arrr, perhaps xrp for next to nothing fees
Red lebanese
It took me straight back hearing of the red seal and gold seal, happy days eh, hoping for a glimmer of the gold seal still on your bit when you scored
Hash out of stock - future hash listings info
I remember you could just put a bit of hash under your tongue and go out slowly letting it dissolve
Wake n Bake
On those darker days when I have to do something in the real world, possibly work, I will wake n bake with a little spliff, hash n bud mix. If I’m fre…
That’s expensive !!
I read the description and I thought I’m getting some of that then saw the price, I don’t mind paying for a good quality hash and have paid much more …