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Buffy T
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Connoisseur Hash
Buffy T
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Dabbing advice needed
Buffy T
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Missing order
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Stoned AI
Hahaha interesting, I guess they could have a nano power surge, depending on whether it’s clean solar power or dirty grid power could be like the diff…
Best Current Hash on LB?
The best of the best, often i start opening my package and think wtf is this i don’t remember ordering ‘………’ and then oh awesome it’s my delivery from…
Sleep Bags
wow i remember the ‘sleep bags’ you could get em in the high street years ago
Looks good
Thanks for the reasoning behind the price. I’ve ordered from you a few times and really appreciate the attention you put into every aspect of the tran…
Any samples?
I’ve not tried bubble before but just now it’s a bit pricey. Is anyone jumping in?
{buy help}
Order not fulfilled - vendor none responsive
No way
on  {bitcoin}
Has anyone tried the Trust Wallet App?
Trust wallet is very easy to navigate and the dex works well
on  {bitcoin}
BTC VS MONERO as payment option
They’ve not cracked it, they are able to get a general idea but not the specifics, it’s gonna be a cat n mouse. OxMR has the new zsnark tech and maybe… + 2 more
Extracts, wax, terp
I’m looking for a people person and spotted this kind comment. I will look through your wares right now. Had some shake from you and it was good
Afghan v Leb
I’m in uk and get heaps from Hashishin, fantastic stealth. Almost every purchase I unwrap I’m thinking wtf is this in here I can’t remember, was I hig…
50% Refund
started topic + 3 more
on  Iags
Who's your best for stealth and next day delivery? Dann is up there
The Provider has always had perfect stealth and I am often scratching my head wondering how it’s possible to get my delivery so quick the next day. Th…
Dodgy reviews
It was me, Buffy T. I wrote the feedback on the bundle and stand by every word. I’ve had really good service all round from thb, I’ve been here a long…
Good luck for the future and no hard feelings;) peace
Hey Bigbum, I’ve got big ears if it helps