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Please read: Twice I have had to ask customers to request refunds due to the site not taking down or restricting orders once an item as been sold.
So, I will be putting adverts up with passwords, if you want to purchase an item you'll need to message me and ask for the password.
Sorry about this, but it saves me and possibly you a lot of messing around.

I grow for a hobby. I'm here to make £170 an ounce after all my side of the fees are paid. This means I need to sell for £220, no matter the strain it will be that price, that price includes signed for postage to the UK.
It's that simple.

I'm on here once a day to read messages, and will get orders posted as soon as I can.

Feel free to ask any questions, I prefer to sell in ounces as I get rid of the stock faster.
I grow one plant at a time.
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How To Search Biggy
Load the page make sure it's the items delivered to your country, the just ctrl+f + 2 more
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Find the vendor home page, copy the URL put it in a text document on your tablet. Are you not using Tor? Your other family members use Tor?
Improve the usability, please.
I've put this in other places but; items page Make sure you have your country selected at the top "deliver to" ctrl+f and it allows you to s…
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{lb help}
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Searching for specific items.
Make sure you have the right country selected at the top you want it shipping to, then ctrl+f