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If my scales could talk...🎶
They’ve seen use for sure haha, I’ve got a little metal grinder I have been using for 10 years. Really should get a new one..
Yeh same here mate, all good :) + 2 more
on  Pugg
Books fantasy
Hey bud, if you haven’t read The Witcher books by Andrzej Sapkowski, I would highly recommend, there’s about 7 or 8 of them I think. I’ve been reading… + 3 more
Apex tropical cat piss review
Funny, I myself have came across some cat piss smelling strains before, not that I think actual cat piss smells good or anything lol, but I did have c…
Wedding cake is delicious, 😛looking forward to try the rainbow cake sometime 👌
Lovely smoke 🍊
Had this strain a good few times over the years and this one is a brilliant example of it. Just smoking some now and its great quality.
Thank you
Your welcome 🙏🏻 cheers for the smoke man 👍 it’s a good one, really enjoying it.
NDD fail
started topic + 3 more
Blue Kush - Limited availability
No problem mate. Thanks and good luck to you :) + 2 more
Back again
Good man! Just put in an order for this, can’t wait to try it, never really had any gelato type strains, I did have some of your stardawg though and g…
ITS BACK !! Portland Oregon mimosa
This stuff is awesome man :) had to order a second q to keep for Xmas haha