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EU vendors wanted!!
There must be a way to find reliable vendors shipping from within European borders... Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! I already use TGT and radar breeder but it's really too risky to keep ordering because customs are becoming an increasing pain in the ass. Fucking BREXIT.
Yes, I too can recommend suissems! Ive tried their AK47 so far and it was very nice. Just a bit squished for stealth...
suisse ms
Thanks I'll try it out soon
But I agree, a few more reliable EU vendors would be cool af!
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F****k this looks nice!!!
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I'm back!
Dude welcome, at last!
Another banger at good price.
Received mine a couple of days ago. My 6th order from hootan, no problems whatsoever. Nice chunk of hash, definitely evening smoke. Recomend Cheers
use three words to describe little biggy
Will be back Definitely
Second order and BobMarley710 decides to not respond/ got refunded!
I also got 100% from radar breeder but his stealth is basic + 2 more
Help to this man out admin!!!
I second that!! Please bring Bob back!!!
Where do you ship from? (eu buyer)
started topic
Genuine or not.??
Thanks for taking the plunge. Eu customer here. I'll be waiting to see how you go and probably make the same order.
Edibles received. Quick delivery(6 days with 2 days customs delay). Vendor was real friendly with the comms. Definetely recomend I already made a 2nd … + 7 more