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Vegan Gluten Free Edibles UK
I am new to this platform so please bare with me! I have been making allergy free recipes for over 30 years as alas I’m allergic to a rather big list of ingredients. I was lucky enough to be in Canada when I got diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in my bones and they educated me on the value of cannabis and how it can help with all sorts of side effects. I am two years past my sell by date so thought why not sell my edibles to people in the same boat. As I am a medical patient I only use organic ingredients and mostly use locally sourced ingredients. Although I do believe sugar is bad for you I am a sugar addict therefore I do have both sugar free and sugar receipts so please no judging lol. More to come when I figure out how to post items for sale on the wall.
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Welcome - so great to have you here!
Welcome! I have gluten issues... This makes me very happy!
Looks fantastic
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