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What is Neo Feudalism?
Hope so but would we be the same beings, even the same species? I think Nietszche was mostly a clown but "homo, ecce homo" hits home + 4 more
what if we sent weed to conflict zones instead of soldiers?
Didn't the Ismailites try this - Hassan I Sabah and co? - a ruthless and effective violent force - and stoned out of their gourds. From them we get th…
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Riff Mountain
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How much does a single puck weigh?
In the 70s/80s they came in fruit cans from SA same size as a std baked bean can, so 454g or thereabouts and you'd literally have to saw it into puks…
This is pathetic
Used to be worth boiling all stalks from greenhouse grown stuff in the 70s and 80s to make tea....sometimes it was naff but equally you'd get some sta…