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Formerly ScruffytheSmoker, but in typical Scruffy fashion I forgot the old password...maybe too much time spent with LB's product...

Please see my old accounts page for votes and reputation
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Regarding deliveries with fake names
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Lookout for plastic bits
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The Last Rock Band?
I've said before that Foo Fighters are one of the last true mainstream, longstanding, "Rock Bands" that maintain the rock spirit Short liv…
Will it come back?
Cant speak for DI myself, but it has gone and come back several times- usually within a month or two
on  Saj690
Shrooms uk
Magic_83 is a vendor on here who is absolutely outstanding. If you haven't tried them before, I recommend ordering from only him- when they're in stoc…
Anyone tried the latest batch? (Dec 2020)
Little late to reply, but I made many orders of batch 1, and a single order of batch 2 (Dec 2020) thus far Somewhat disappointed by batch 2. It was d…
Customer reckons he ate 10g of purple mystic with no affects but all shrooms reviews are 10/10
Just want to leave a comment in support of this post. Magic is absolutely right- don't try to trip on antidepressants or meds. I have purchased his pr…
Baby come back!
Seeing several users across LB mention that based on DI correspondences this may be back soon...fingers crossed, DI!
where is everyone?
Massive influx of new users as well as sellers, seen some mention of a few busts and package halts. LB is no longer a well kept all intere…
Any Thai/brick weed for sale on here?
DI's Book of Wisdom Thai has gone and come back twice I believe since I first joined earlier this year. Hoping its back soon...dry and waiting for som…
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