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Do we know the source of our weed?
Awesome, will do, ChronusBuds! + 2 more
Good documentaries recommendations?
If you are at all interested in hip hop, check out…
Which sellers have the best stealth
LUD and UKCannaFarm have been the best in terms of…
Organic medicinal cannabis
Doing well thanks, hope the world is good with you… + 5 more
Various Payment methods
Cheers GF, I'll check it out! + 2 more
{buy help}
Bitpanda keeps telling me "wallet balance too low"
started topic + 4 more
{lb help}
on  {lb help}
Best Cheaper Vaporizer to start with?
No worries, check out this for a bit more reading … + 2 more
Best dry herb vape?
Check out the vaporents subreddit, fuck combustion…
Really sorry to hear this has happened to you dude…
Competition Winners.
Fantastic, thanks so much GF!!
Free 8’ths
Nice! Fingers crossed I'll have some xmas luck. :)
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