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Good documentaries recommendations?
If you are at all interested in hip hop, check out the BBC Four series "Hip Hop - The Songs That Shook America". I only saw one episode so f…
Hello my dude! I hope the world is good with you. Thanks to LB's lack of timestamp I can't tell if this an old post. Is this crop on the near horizon?…
on  corr67
Hash Vaping Advice
Sweet, I'm sure that works about the same to be fair. Agree about the sexiness! Hope to get a station next year when they come back if I can save th… + 5 more
Organic Weed UK
UKCannaFarm is great.
And on today's episode of modelling with Pistach
Nice, sounds handy for all in one on the go. + 3 more
A picture or two
Nice, I will give that a go too. + 4 more
Been off line
Sorry to hear about this dude, I hope the situation is improving with the family. I got caught up in things and I never thanked you for the RSO sample…
Are you vaping your herbs?
Agree, everybody needs a dynavap! + 2 more
SHAKE COMPETITION good vibes 14/6
Good vibes! :) + 2 more