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Hello and Welcome, To all of our green littlebiggy sisters & brothers we are uWakeiBake. We are a one stop shop for all of your Cannabis needs. We cater for the recreational and medical markets alike. With over 50 year's of experience in growing, harvesting, curing, extracting, baking and especially.... consuming, our team of professional 'Bakers' have a fantastic grasp on the beautiful plants that we all love and enjoy. As you might tell we are avid marajuana fans and we greatly appreciate youself, for taking the time to look at our page & littlebiggy for creating such a platform. We have been member's since September and have loved the experienece and found the whole community to be lovely. We have been smoking forever & consuming edibles for over 10 years now and we can all agree there are different effects from the way you consume Cannabis, if you eat it, your liver processes it to create a diffrent chemical formula that can allow you to go existentialist and even out of body. Eating Cannabis the effects will be slower to hit but last longer than smoking and is a healthier way to consume... especially if you balance it out with CBD, which will provide the user the full spectrum that marijuana has to offer. Cannabis is a gift from mother nature and should be respected and revered, we have personally witnessed many of our friends and relatives recover from a number of ailments ranging in seriousness and they have put it down, if not fully at least in part, to the medicine we have provided. That is why we enjoy producing and selling the higest quality buds, edibles & products we possibly can, providing them for you with a honest description, with as much information as possible & all delivered free to your door (UK only). We love to communicate and are more than happy to answer any questions so hit the message button for any inquiries. Peace Love Happiness uWakeiBake
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Organic ♡ Vegan ♡ THC ♡
by  M00np1ggy
420 but all eddibles?
Holiday giveaway.... The first 7 confirmed orders of ReCon 7gs get a free bag of CannaBears. Peace Love Happiness from t…
by  Bigbum
Can you source thc-a?
by  Dirigible
Top notch!
Great communication
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on  hisam2k
Can you freeze gummies?
They wouldn't mould or go off, they just dehydrate and become hard, if that happens you can always dissolve in a warm drink! + 2 more
on  [music]
Possibly the Most Perfect Toking Album Ever Made?
Haven't listened to the K&D sessions for ages! Well thats my morning soundtrack sorted. Strange Cargo 3 by William Orbit is good toking album.
Tried and tested edibles wanted !
We have tried and tested edibles available, if you would like to take a look at our page? We also have the RSO a…
on  Fgoose
Help cancer info wanted. July 22
Hi there Fgoose, We would be happy to provide you, with the medication your friends mum needs. We produce high quality RSO used to make our edibles w…
Purchased from TheFunGuy and was very happy. Also his microdosing kits are quite literally life changing.
on  {rap}
Top 100 Albums in the Rick Rubin Extended Universe
Rick Rubin changed my life - or at least had a big influence on my musical taste. I vividly remember hearing Slayer's Reign in Blood for the first tim…
What's your favourite way to use RSO???
Occasionally I enjoy rubbing some rso into my tobacco so i can roll a sneaky one when I'm out and about. I find the smell is more discreet than smokin…
Worst Star Trek Series of All Time?
For me it has to be Enterprise. Even the theme music felt wrong to me. It felt like the cast never really jelled and as a result the whole thing feels…
Pound for pound the best around
started topic + 4 more
I want a mask that says fuck science
😂😂😂😂 Let me know when and where that shit is available.... I will take a family bundle grandparents + cousin package!
EU/UK vendors overview (18OCT2021)
Great work! Many thanks for taking the time to do this.