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Hello & Welcome, To all of our green littlebiggy sisters & brothers we are uWakeiBake. We are a one stop shop for all of your Cannabis needs. We cater for the recreational and medical markets alike. With over 50 year's of experience in growing, harvesting, curing, extracting, baking and especially.... consuming, our team of professional 'Bakers' have a fantastic grasp on the beautiful plants that we all love and enjoy. As you might tell we are avid marajuana fans and we greatly appreciate youself, for taking the time to look at our page & littlebiggy for creating such a platform. We have been member's since September and have loved the experienece and found the whole community to be lovely. We have been smoking forever & consuming edibles for over 10 years now and we can all agree there are different effects from the way you consume Cannabis, if you eat it, your liver processes it to create a diffrent chemical formula that can allow you to go existentialist and even out of body. Eating Cannabis the effects will be slower to hit but last longer than smoking and is a healthier way to consume... especially if you balance it out with CBD, which will provide the user the full spectrum that marijuana has to offer. Cannabis is a gift from mother nature and should be respected and revered, we have personally witnessed many of our friends and relatives recover from a number of ailments ranging in seriousness and they have put it down, if not fully at least in part, to the medicine we have provided. That is why we enjoy producing and selling the higest quality buds, edibles & products we possibly can, providing them for you with a honest description, with as much information as possible & all delivered free to your door (UK only). The Bakers love to communicate and are more than happy to answer any questions or simply chat shit, so hit the message button for any inquiries, otherwise happy shopping. Stay safe, Peace Love Happiness uWakeiBake ✌
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4 Strains & 20 Edibles....

To celebrate 420 in style we at uWakeiBake have created the Party Pack....

It contains 4 x 8ths (Total=14grams) of diffrent strains of Weed, 10 x CannaBears & 10 x THC Coconut Caps. Book of filters and Rolling papers....

The edibles are 20mgs each so 400mgs Total...

The Weed strains included are Gelato, Powerkush, Recon & Cookie Dawg.

A great selection of products to see you through your special day and at amazing value.

Make sure you choose the Next Day Recorded for a speedy and safe delivery.

All of the products that are included, feature on our wall for you to check out, due to availability we reserve the right to substitute the weed strains but rest assured they will all be top quality.
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THC infused coconut oil capsules - *** VEGAN FRIENDLY ***

Raw cold pressed organic oil infused with cannabis and put into vegetarian friendly (no gelatine) capsules. Each capsule is approximately 1g. We don't have an accurate measurement of THC content per capsule, but estimate it around 20mg per cap. If you have tried our gummie bears, one capsule feels simmilar to one bear. For us one cap is a nice buzz, but still leaves us able to function, even go for a good run! An extra capsule or two and its good night Vienna!
Possibly the cleanest way of consuming cannabis? No solvents (apart from the coconut oil itself) used for extraction, we decarb (toast) bud to activate the THC, changing the THCa into more potent THC, before gently heating it overnight with organic coconut oil, along with a touch of sunflower lecithin, which aids the absorption of THC into the body. The oil is then strained and put into capsules for ease of dosing and consumption.

The effects of edibles vary greatly from preson to person. So we recommend starting slowly while you find the right dosage for you and your requirements. Customers have reported great results with relief from the symptoms of both crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. We also find them a great way of cutting down on smoking. One capsule at the start of the evening and a joint lasts the rest of the night.
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30 Capsules $75.00 BTC0.00147075
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Gelato #41

Sativa 45%
Indica 55%

THC levels 21%+

Gelato 41 is an Indica-dominant cross between Blueberry, Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, and Sunset Sherbert. The Gelato 41 strain is famous for its delicious flavor and long-lasting, powerful effects. Your favourite rapper (if you have one), is probably puffing on a doobie right now!

One of the reasons this Gelato strain is so popular (apart from its strength), is that it tastes lovely, with notes of citrus mixed with berries.
Hand trimmed and nicely cured, the buds are nicely coated in crystals. We're sure you'll enjoy this smoke as much as we do.

Free UK p&p.
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Edibles - CannaBears THC/CBD gummies

UK Produced & Best Seller...
Delicious & Discrete...
Tried & Tested Formula...
Must Try & Great Value for Money...

These ganja gummies are a consistent, fun and tasty way to control your THC intake. They come in mixed fruit flavour bags inc. Lemon, Orange, Lime, Raspberry, Grape, Apple, Peach, Pineapple, Blueberry, Black Cherry, Pomegranate and many more...

You have the choice of either '*PLAIN*' or '**TANGTASTIC**' (with a sour sweet coating) that helps cover the distinct flavour of the oil.

They are also Kosher and Halal ;-)

We make all our products with highest quality and refined RSO oil. We add CBD to the mix to balance out the THC dose. This gives the patient the full spectrum, that marijuana and its qualities have to offer. We include a generous amount of this mixture, which equates to approx 20mg per bear. Eg. With a 21 pack you get 420mgs. A plain bear weighs approx 1.3g's and once you try one you will be able to easily identify the active ingredients. Pound for pound these sweets are prize fighters...

The mix and dose has been developed and decided on with much experimentation and consideration, as to not compromise the taste and give you the best chance at aqurate dosing.

Rough Guidance

1-2 bears Beginner
2-3 bears Intermediate
3-5 bears Expert
7+ bears Astronaut

As you know we all have different tolerances, so I would appreciate as much feedback on dosage as possible, to help others decide.

UK Postage is included in the price and we aim to deliever within 2-3 working days.
EU Postage is extra as displayed.

Any questions feel free to ask!

Stay Safe...

PeaceLoveHappiness ✌
7 *PLAIN* Mixed Flavour $29.30 BTC0.00057458
7 **TANGTASTIC** Mixed Flavour $29.30 BTC0.00057458
14 *PLAIN* Mixed Flavour $54.70 BTC0.00107267
14**TANGTASTIC** Mixed Flavour $54.70 BTC0.00107267
14 Sweets 7 PLAIN + 7 TANG Mixed Flavour $54.70 BTC0.00107267
21 *PLAIN* Mixed Flavour $76.30 BTC0.00149625
21 *TANGTASTIC* Mixed Flavour $76.30 BTC0.00149625
42 *PLAIN* Mixed Flavour $139.90 BTC0.00274344
42 *TANGTASTIC* Mixed Flavour $139.90 BTC0.00274344
42 Sweets 21 PLAIN + 21 TANG Mixed Bears $139.90 BTC0.00274344
63 *PLAIN* Mixed Flavour $190.80 BTC0.00374159
63 *TANGTASTIC* Mixed Flavour $190.80 BTC0.00374159
84 *PLAIN* Mixed Flavour $241.60 BTC0.00473778
84 *TANGTASTIC* Mixed Flavour $241.60 BTC0.00473778
84 Sweets 42 PLAIN + 42 TANG Mixed Bears $241.60 BTC0.00473778
105 *PLAIN* Mixed Flavour $279.80 BTC0.00548688
105 *TANGTASTIC* Mixed Flavour $279.80 BTC0.00548688
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Power Kush
50% indica, 50% sativa

THC levels 16-19%

Power Kush is a great old school weed that ticks all the boxes for us. It is a hybrid of Afghani and the legendary Skunk #1. It lives up to its old school credentials with a strong skunky aroma mixed with citrus. It has a nice relaxing high, a great balance of body and mind being put at ease, and the taste is everything you expect and more! It really is a winner.

Expect nice bud structure that is frosty with crystals. We don't use stock pictures, and you can see how nice and sparkly the buds are. It certainly packs a punch! Grown with love and care, hand trimmed and perfectly cured. We're justifiably proud of our PK.

PK has long been a firm favourite with us. Every time I light up a joint it transports me back to a coffee shop in Amsterdam, where I first experienced this tasty smoke. An Amsterdam favourite for good reason - old shool but with a twist.

Free first class postage to the UK.

Comes highly recommend!
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Cookie Dawg - high thc indica dom hybrid

Indica 70% Sativa 30%

THC 23%

Cookie Dawg is a combination of two great flavors—GSC and the legendary strain Chemdog (aka Chemdawg). Cookie Dawg is an indica-dominant cultivar that's high in THC, producing intense relaxation in some consumers, followed by sedation and appetite; it’s for veteran tokers. Cookie Dawg has a complex, savory aroma combining the complex sweet, toasted smell and taste of Cookies, with the biting, chemical pineyness of Chemdog. This scrumptious strain is savory, with a chemmy fuel finish.

Fantastic buds cured and trimmed nicely, particularly nice for regular smokers as it provided all on the team a lift and pleasent surprise. A really strong stoned feeling after just half a joint. Super relaxing Cookie Dawg is a lockdown essential.

Stealth packaging

UK Postage is included in the price and we aim to deliever within 2-3 working days.
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7 grams $110.00 BTC0.0021571
14 grams $210.00 BTC0.0041181
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60% indica
40% sativa

17% THC

A cross of LA Confidential and Cannadential. Nicely cured and trimmed. Flavour profile includes notes of citus and mellon. An uplifting and relaxing smoke. We've been enjoying this strain for a while now and love the relaxing euphoric high. Customers have reported great results with pain relief.

Stealthily packaged and free UK P&P.
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14 g $190.00 BTC0.0037259
28 g $365.00 BTC0.00715765
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We are pleased to offer our exceptional RSO oil...
Hand Crafted & Uk Produced...
Free Discrete UK P&P...
Great quality with high THC levels...

If you are not sure what RSO is check out the link below.

We produce all of our oils from the best quality trim, shake and bgrade buds from a range of diffrent hybrids including PowerKush, SuperBlueDream, StarDawg, Strawberry, Cookie Dawg & Gelato all with traditional methods, so we are sure of its origin and its quality as we use it in our edible products which have recieved strong ratings for months on littlebiggy. We believe our oil to be between 70%-80% levels of THC this is 4 times the amount in the strongest bud.

These are our last three reviews on the Bears...

Strong, great stealth, super quick delivery and amazing bang for the buck, thanks a bunch

first time trying edibles and don’t usually smoke either. I feel great. Bit of a strong taste but not bad and delivery was super fast. These will last a while but will surely order from this seller again.

Arrived very quickly! With one bear I got a pretty nice high, really chilled me out- the bears themselves taste decent too, which is a plus! I super recommend these

The Cannabears contain 20mg of our RSO Oil each and we are selling 1000mg / 1ml tubes for you to use in your own cooking or genral consumption. Used with the right tools or mixed correctly, with the right terpenes you can also use this product in certain vape devices but please only do this if you have experience or do your research.

The Oil comes in a handy syringe so you can acurately judge dosage. Remember little goes along way with this product. To make it easier to get the product out, it can be heated we would recommend dipping it into your tea or coffee for 10 secs. Remember to have the cap on though otherwise your hot drink might contain excess amounts.

The RSO when ideally mixed with CBD is also known for its healing and pain reflief characteristics and there are many studies online of how they can help and even cure ailments of all description.

If you are suffering and believe that you need a balanced mixture of RSO / CBD Oil then you wont have to wait long, as we plan to post as a variation very soon.
If you cannot wait you can always buy this product along with the 1g of cdb isolate (cyrstal) variation and mix your self.

Great artical below....

Any questions feel free to ask us.

Peace Love Happiness uWakeiBake
1g RSO $60.00 BTC0.0011766
1g RSO + 1g CBD isolate $75.00 BTC0.00147075
5g RSO $275.00 BTC0.00539275
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GeekDopeRope THC/CBD Rainbow flavoured

Mouth Watering & Morish...
Best Quality Ingredients...
THC (100mg) & CBD (25mg)...
UK Produced & Posted....
Multibuy for best value...

NerdDopeRope is a taste explosion for your mouth and soul, both will be salivating before and after. The mixture of fruit and rainbow (sweet&sour) flavours combine to mask the powerful taste of the RSO. Warning they are super moorish and hard to put down once you have stared. They give a nice sugar rush that blends into a smooth body buzz once the THC hits.

They are also Kosher and Halal

I make all my products with highest quality and refined RSO oil. I add CBD to the mix to balance out the THC dose. This gives the patient the full spectrum, that marijuana and its qualities have to offer. I include a generous amount of this mixture, which equates to approx 100mg per NerdDopeRope. A GeekDopeRope weighs approx 20g's and once you try a piece of one of these its hard to put the thing down, they have a mixed fruit jelly filling with a Rainbow Nerd coating, which makes these sweets the tastiest, most mouth watering and extra sweet way to get you through your day.

The mix and dose has been developed and decided on with much experimentation and consideration, as to not compromise the taste and give you the best chance at aqurate dosing.

Rough Guidance

1/4 - 1/2 DopeRope - Beginner
1/2 - 3/4 DopeRope - Intermediate
1 - 2 DopeRopes - Expert
3+ DopeRopes Astronaut

As you know we all have different tolerances, so I would appreciate as much feedback on dosage as possible, to help others decide.

UK Postage is included in the price and we aim to deliever within 2-3 working days.
These delivery times are most achievable with orders before noon Friday's.
ROI Postage is extra as displayed and can take between 5-10 days from previous orders.

Any questions feel free to ask!

Stay Safe...

PeaceLoveHappiness ✌?
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99% pure CBD isolate
0% THC

Tasteless and odourless
Food safe
Produced in the USA, but delievered to you from the UK, this premium quality isolate is the perfect way to accurately dose and add CBD for all your requirements. No carrier oils, terpenes, flavorings, or perfumes added, just premium quality CBD crystals.

Free delivery on all Uk orders.
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10 g $100.00 BTC0.001961
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Our gummie snakes have 70mg of high strength full spectrum oil from our favourite cali strain, Gelato, combined with 20mg of pure CBD isolate (well 98.7% pure!). The oil from the Gelato is a perfectly balaced indica/sativa hybrid. Starting out with happy, euphoric, and energized vibes, it eventually turns sleepy. Combined with the calming, balancing effects of the CBD at 1:3 ratio with the THC, we think it is the perfect mix.
Snake come in mixed fruit flavours. 2 snake per pack.

For beginners, perhaps start with a third to half a snake first. You can always top up once you have experienced the effects.

We are super happy with this product, and hope you'll love our Gelato/CBD snakes as much as we do.

Buckleup and enjoy the ride!
5g fruit gummies $32.00 BTC0.00062752
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Hello LB user,

If you have recently purchased from us but you have forgotten fees, partially paid or feel the need to tip us for our exceptional customer service and/or you have a way.

For example if your order has been paid short by $12... so you order 2 x $6. But don't forget to add the fee before doing the transfer.
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10/10 CannaBears THC/CBD gummies
reviewed today took 2 days to arrive
10/10 CannaBears THC/CBD gummies
reviewed today took 1 day to arrive
9/10 Organic ♡ Vegan ♡ THC ♡
reviewed 1 day ago   took 3 days to arrive
10/10 CannaBears THC/CBD gummies
reviewed 2 days ago   took 1 day to arrive
10/10 CannaBears THC/CBD gummies
reviewed 2 days ago   took 2 days to arrive
10/10 Organic ♡ Vegan ♡ THC ♡
reviewed 2 days ago   took 2 days to arrive
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Organic ♡ Vegan ♡ THC ♡
Great news if you are looking for Vegan & Organic THC option we have got you covered....keep your eyes peeled for our newest product ready to launch today...

THC infused coconut oil capsules.
Nice ill have to try these I've only had edible gummy bears before I think two fuked me up kinda lol oh and a space cake in dam ?
misnumbering white pills
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ridiculousnesse egocentrism

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We don't understand Francig....

Misnumbering? As far as we are aware coconut oil and weed is Vegan please do share if you have other information? Also they are green yellow not white???
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Holiday giveaway.... The first 7 confirmed orders of ReCon 7gs get a free bag of CannaBears. Peace Love Happiness from t…
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Can you source thc-a?
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Top notch!
Great communication
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