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society is just having a bad trip
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Seal was wrong, our craziness is our biggest threat to survival
yes they are serious as hell, have you ever seen a seal fumble the beach ball trick? it's insane they're bitchy for like a week.
use three words to describe little biggy
internet in charge
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How is Nationalism Any Different from Racism?
nationalism is more like greed, racism is more like hate.
can you short nft's?
bitcoin's scarcity is a mathematical function and existential to the currency. unlimited bitcoins and we all have nothing. unlimited potential repro… + 2 more
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Did inequality cause the First World War?
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garden city movement
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Hurricane Bitcoin coming in. Pray for the Vendors 🙏
litecoin is the burger king of crypto
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1 sentence sums up history
and strong women pick up the pieces
How Would You Save the Roman Empire?
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Fake terps?
i would send a tip to the test borg.
Worst Star Trek Series of All Time?
The cartoons
To the algos: curse of the wall
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Mos Def_Umi Says. 1999.
bigg up
imaginary vs actual dystopia
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The AI oracle of Delphi uses the problems of Reddit to offer dubious moral advice
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Brexit Began Here
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it didn't have to be this way
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Selective Scammer (harsh but true)
did you post an official review
Are Curly Wurlys a con?!
Tried those, they make you sleepy