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Order issues
Is anyone else having any issues on this platform like after paying escrow there's no record of the order. It tells you you've paid on the escrow page then after that there's nothing in the order history. It's annoying because I have to keep pestering the sellers for the updates? Any help would be appreciated
I can’t say what’s happening your end, but your symptoms are as if you ordered whilst logged out.

So common I wonder if Mrs Doubtfire has included a hidden ‘checkout as guest’ feature.
Yep - a definite case of orderedwhileloggedoutitis.
What advantages are there from not logged in orders?
None really.
by  ndave89
Missing order in my profile
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Back to the street dealer!
It's 0.0057 btc on binance. About a tenner
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bitcoin fee's
If you buy bnb then send ot to your atomic wallet you can change it to btc in the wallet and then set your own miner fee . I set my own miner fee to l…
best place to buy bitcoins? I'm in the UK
Binance. So so easy then you need atomic wallet to send your bnb too and transfer it to btc works out alot cheaper if you don't send it from a wallet …